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Studying abroad is a great experience, especially if you’re interested in a foreign culture and language. And Korea is an awesome destination for anyone looking to expand their horizons. Unless you are wanting to attend an exchange program or are getting your masters, you will need to have a decent level of Korean proficiency. Most Korean universities will want you to have a TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) score of at least 4 or better (which is the equivalent to intermediate proficiency). For masters programs it’s pretty much the same, but some will give you a bit of wiggle room depending on your intended field of study (like if your major is going to have something to do with English, Korean Language, or English education).

College of Humanities

HumanitiesSocial Sciences

Graduate School of Public Health

Korean Language Course

Admission Requirement: A high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum requirement for admission.

Required Documents 

  • Application
  • Resume including all levels of education (from elementary to college)
  • A copy of the transcript and diploma from the school most recently attended.
  • A copy of your passport
  • Four identification photos
  • Study plan
  • Bank Statement showing $8,000 or more
  • Receipt of Remittance ($ 6,000)

Admission Procedure

A. Application

  • To enter the Spring Semester, send all documents by the end of December
  • To enter the Fall Semester, send all documents by the end of June
  • Complete all documents in English or Korean
  • Send by air mail or deliver in person

B. Screening process

  • Bank accounts must have at least $8,000
  • Admission will be notified in one to two weeks

C. Payment of tuition

  • After the money is sent  in the student’s name, notify the office by e-mail or phone
  • Exchange local currency(same amount as $6,000) into Korean Won and transfer into the school’s account
  • Account number:

D. Sending a document for admission

  • After we inform you of your admission, we will send a receipt and admission certificate by air mail

E. Applying for visa(D-4)

  • Apply for a visa at the Korean Embassy or Consulate(or at the Exit and Entry Control Bureau)
  • Required documents: – Passport (2 pictures), -Visa application form  – Tuition receipt – Admission certificate

F. Entry and Registration

  • After entry, you will go to the dormitory
  • Take the placement test on the assigned date


What we do

  • Caregiver Education Program and Home Health Training Program
  • Test preparation classes for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAE
  • Language Classes for English, Japanese, Korean, French, German.
  • Caregiver and Nursing Jobs in JAPAN/UAE
  • Health Professional Licensing Program for DHA(Dubai Health Authority), HAAD(Health Authority of Abu Dhabi)
  • Computer Classes from Basic to Advanced Level
  • Visa assistance & documentation for Study Visa, Family Visits Visa & Business Visa.
  • Various Training Courses, Internship & Job Assistance for IT, Healthcare, Cabin Crew & Cruise Ship.