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GRE test takers come from all walks of academic life and ultimately venture out into a wide variety of careers. Perhaps you’re seeking a masters or doctoral degree in literature. Maybe oceanography is your game, or the socio-political dynamics of ancient Rome. The bottom line is that if you’re planning to attend graduate school in any field other than business, law, or medicine, you’ll need to take the Graduate Record Examinations General Test as part of the admissions process.

The GRE has three sections:

  • Analytical Writing, which we’ll call the Essay section
  • Quantitative, which we’ll call the Math section
  • Verbal, which we’ll (cleverly) call the Verbal section

The GRE scores the Math and Verbal sections on a 200–800-point scale, in 10-point increments. Essays have the following scoring system: 0 (poor) to 6 (excellent), in half-point increments.
Note that you’ll receive one score for the entire Math section, one score for the entire Verbal section, and one for the Essay section. You’ll get your Math and Verbal scores immediately, right after you finish taking the test, and you’ll get your Essay score about two weeks after you take the test.

The GRE lasts about three hours, not including breaks, tutorials, or experimental sections. Here’s the section-by-section breakdown of the official test:
Section       Structure       Time
Essay       1 Issue essay 1 Argument essay      45 minutes 30 minutes
Math       28 questions      45 minutes
Verbal       30 questions      30 minutes

On test day, you’ll take one Essay, one Math, and one Verbal section. The Essay section will always come first, followed by either Math or Verbal. You might also be required to take an unidentified, unscored pretest section, which will be either another Verbal or Math section that appears at any point after the Essay section. You may also get an identified research section, also unscored. If they put you through this one, they’ll at least tell you it’s the research section, and it will always come at the end of the test. The purpose of these experimental sections is to allow the test makers to try out new questions. Since you may not know which Verbal and Math sections count toward your score, your best bet is to treat every section as if it counts.

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